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How it works

  1. Purchase your box for $20*

  2. Speak to Stylist about what you would like to have sent

  3. Receive your box

  4. Send what you don’t want, or need to exchange back within 3 days**

*The Box fee is credited towards your purchase. If you return all the merchandise, there is no credit.

**If your return or exchange is not sent out in 3 days, you will be charged the full value of what was sent. Any returns after the charges have been processed will be an exchange or store credit. Store Credits are good for 1 year from the day and time of issue.

Purchase Agreement:
This agreement permits Pitti Bimi Inc to charge my account, credit card, or electronic payment for the initial box fee of $20. Upon receipt of merchandise, I am fully responsible for all merchandise. I agree to pay for the full invoice price (included in shipment) for merchandise not returned or damaged within 3 days of verified receipt of merchandise. Tracking by shipping carrier is the verification method for all shipments in and outbound. If you choose to hand return merchandise; it must be within 3 days, or your account will be charged and the return will be handled as an exchange or for store credit. I understand that the initial box fee of $20 is a 1 time fee that can only be credited back towards the shipment in which it has been applied. There is no carryover of fee credit from 1 shipment to another. I also understand that my failure to pay for merchandise is theft and will be treated officially as such by Pitti imi Inc. Pitti Bimi Inc holds firm the right to refuse shipment requests for any reason.

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