Pitti Bimi
Expect the Exceptional



Pitti Bimi is more than a shop or boutique. Pitti Bimi is an experience. It is rare to find a company solely dedicated to Children and Fashion. Where Children are an afterthought for most companies, Children are the only thought at Pitti Bimi. From day 1, children have been our only business. When you need the best for day to day or something special, Pitti Bimi is the answer. We provide your child with the highest quality and fashions of the day.  

Located in Deal, NJ - Pitti Bimi is centrally positioned in the state with easy access from anywhere within the tristate area. You can shop within store hours or make an appointment for a personal shopping experience at the time of your choosing. We are accessible through the web via email and most social networks. Pitti Bimi is not limited to its physical location, we ship anywhere and have programs in place to provide a shopping experience no matter where you are.

After over 30 years of experience providing our customers with exceptional service and the world’s best brands, Pitti Bimi knows it’s business arguably better than anyone else in the industry.